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About Loose Diamonds

We are master diamond cutters with multi-generation experience in the wholesale diamonds and jewelry industry. We offer custom diamond cutting and repair service on all cuts, shapes and sizes and provide free consultation and expert advice on polished and rough diamonds. Diamond and gemstone jewelry appraisals by a GIA graduate are also available. We only sell natural diamonds that are laboratory certified.  

The Diamond shapes that we primarily offer are: Round, Oval, Princess Cut, Pear Shape, Marquise, Heart Shape, Radiant and Emerald Cut.  We can custom supply most other shapes upon request.  We do not sell artificially treated or clarity enhanced diamonds.

Choose From a Huge Inventory to Find Your Perfect Diamond:

  • Over 40,000 GIA certified diamonds at wholesale prices
  • Free shipping and no-risk return policy
  • Expert advice, personal and caring service
    • Person-to-person treatment by a GIA graduate in diamond grading and fine jewelry consultation
    • Consultation available via online information and material
    • Our honesty and fairness have been tested and earned
  • All diamonds are gem laboratory certified with the original GIA diamond grading report
  • Extensive selection of ideal-cut diamonds

Our company and its affiliates support the "Kimberley Process"
This process was established by governments and the diamond industry in an effort to eradicate the trade in "conflict diamonds." All of our diamonds are from legitimate sources and are in full compliance with the United Nations resolution.



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