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Compare Fancy Colored Diamond

Value for a fancy color diamond is directly related to how rich and strong the hue is, as well as their cut, carat weight and clarity. The cost of fancy colored diamonds is directly related to their rarity, size and intensity of color, with less importance being placed upon the clarity. Fancy colored diamonds may be more expensive than the white diamonds, because they are more rare.

"Fancy color" diamonds may range from vibrant yellows (canary), browns (cognac), blues, greens, oranges, violets, and pinks to the rare red diamond. The colors are influenced by the presence of trace mineral elements in the carbon structure of the diamond. Aluminum induces the blue color, manganese attributes for the pink color and traces of nitrogen account for yellow color.

The color grade for "fancy colored" diamonds is based on the hue, tone and saturation of the diamond color. Color gradations are: faint, very light, light, fancy, fancy dark, fancy intense, fancy deep and fancy vivid in varying degrees of saturation from lower to higher.

Colored Diamonds Unique Attributes

Scarcity - Natural colored diamonds are exceedingly rare. There is about 1 colored diamond for every 10,000 colorless diamonds.

Distinction - Every fancy color diamond is unique and it is unlikely you will ever see someone with your identical fancy color diamond.

Demand - Interest in fancy colored diamonds has caused demand to increase 1,000% in the last 10 years.


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